Micra – Presentation “Expanding the Irish SME World”

Friday 1st April, 11am-12pm, Synergy, Glasshouse, ITT Dublin

Leardon Solutions, a California based design and development company is partnering with Epicentre, the industry orientation electronics and prototyping centre based at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, to present a seminar on “Expanding the Irish SME world”.The focus of the seminar is on increasing the Innovation Capacity of SME’s:-Mechanical, Electronic and Industrial Design-Feasibility / Proof of Concept Design and Prototyping-Testing / Validation / Certification-Route to Commercialisation-Global Product Development Support and Management-High and Low Volume Manufacturing and AssemblyAny individuals or companies interested in design, development and manufacturing of new products is encouraged to attend. A questions and answers session will follow the seminar (see attached PDF and Word .doc). For further information and to book your place please contact James Hayes – james.hayes@ittdublin.ie or (01) 4042084

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