Synergy Centre, Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin 24
Ph: 086 124 0955
Email: ciarandavies@zoodazzle.com
Web: www.zoodazzle.com

Zoodazzle has developed game-authoring tools allowing non-technical users design and publish games across all major platforms, including iPhones, iPads and Android Smartphones.

Our innovative product GameCarver allows the non-technical user to create games using an advanced drag-and-drop technology – with no programming required.

GameCarver makes game design easier and faster than any other tool on the market.

Game­Carver’s host of cutting-edge fea­tures are standard and normally only avail­able to large game stu­dios.

Features include:-

-         Amazing 2D and 3D Visuals

-         Real-time Phys­ics Simulation

-         Cross-platform Publishing


GameCarver is the fastest route to game publishing in today’s computer games market

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